Short and sweet: The most beautiful short hairstyles

Beautiful blonde short haircut

Your hair is long, and needs some blow drying and styling in the morning? With a short haircut you have at least some 30 minutes extra sleep. Although I’m a fan of long hair, short hairstyles are beautiful and attractive, I also think it’s the way how you wear your short haircut. Self-confidence is sexy: And nothing is more attractive than a woman with a short haircut who knows what she wants. If it just might happen that you have a daily bad hair day and if you are constantly in front of the mirror to try and experiment with hair clips, hair dryers or a flat iron to get it right then maybe it’s time for a change.

Short bob with bangs

Short hairstyles act dynamically and sassy, whether it’s a short pixie or a short bob hairstyle. With a short hairstyle your appearance is mostly unconsciously based on your character. Spontaneous to a party, directly from the beach to a restaurant or getting ready in 30 minutes for a wedding, all of this will not happen with long hair? With a short hairstyle, however, you just make your life easier: the care, styling and coloring and I’ve heard never anyone complaining about split ends.

Short African American natural hairstyle

Short haircut with platinum blonde quiff hairstyle

There was a time that people could say that a short haircut was something for married women with a bunch of kids, but times have changed also more and more celebrities fall for a short hairstyle and with accentuate your makeup you look just gorgeous. Some women literally have the same look as some 10 years ago, but forget that their face might have been changed over the years; a short hairstyle can help as an effective makeover to let you look younger for some years.

Very short blonde pixie

Short bob with thin hair and side swept bangs

If you will love the change from a long to a short hairstyle, then you should experiment with your new haircut as they are more versatile than commonly is believed.
You want to get a short hairstyle for some time but have not yet had the courage, than try to find a good hairdresser for some advice. They will advise you on what style is best for your face and which hairstyle is best for your hair texture.

Short hairstyle with back swept bangs

Short curly brown bob with honey blonde highlights

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