Our Favorite Hairstyles for Fall, short, medium and Long.

Hair colors and hairstyles fall-winter 2017-2018

Hairstyles these days are above all: versatile! For men and women. The hairstyles for fall are casual, elegant, playful and romantic. Who is looking for a new favorite hairstyle can definitely find some ideas here. We show you the looks.

Our Favorite Hairstyles for Fall

Bob Hairstyles.

In terms of a haircut, nothing goes without a Bob. The variations are every year somewhat different but the stylish haircut stays.
Short-female-bob haircuts
Bob haircuts fall 2017

Also for women over 40 the bob haircut is a beautiful hairstyle

Short bob haircuts for women over 40

Hair colors

For eye-catching flashy hair colors: Blue, lilac and purple are the trendy colors. If this goes to far for you, go for copper hair dye or colors between an eggplant hair color and copper.
Short lilac hair colors for fall
Egg plant hair colors for fall 2017
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Rainbow hair colors for fall 2017
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For blondes, nuances that are somewhere between blond and red rose gold-Blond or strawberry blonde. Even with the so-called balagaye look, which combines a darker approach with lightened lengths, you can’t go wrong.

Hair colors for fall
Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif
Hair colors and hairstyles for fall, Long natural red hair colors

Short haircuts for women

Short haircuts are also strongly represented among the fashionable hairstyles since forever.
A short cut is ideal for women with little or no time. Get up, just rub and ready: that’s your style motto, but super sexy and very feminine.
Short natural haircut for women
Short red haircut for women
Pixie haircuts for women, hairstyles for fall
Fall 2017 Haircuts and hairstyles women

Long Hairstyles for Fall ,straight, wavy and curly.and above all natural

Long Natural brown hairstyle for fall 2017
Natural long hairstyles for fall
Do you have a long hairstyle and you want something different then you just wear it loose or in a simple ponytail. Ad a little volume and suddenly your look becomes more than just a ponytail.
Hairstyles for fall, natural hairstyles with ponytail

Medium length hairstyles for women

Medium hairstyles for women fall 2017
Medium hairstyle eggplant color
Medium-blonde hairstyles
Medium hairstyle light reddish brown
A medium haircut, not too short and not too long. Medium does not mean less versatile. On the contrary with medium hairstyles you have enough styling options.

Natural medium hairstyles

Medium natural hairstyles for women
Medium hairstyles for women styling options

Short blunt bangs

Haircuts with short blunt bangs seems to make a come back.
Short haircut for women with short bangs
Hairstyles for fall, short haircuts with short bangs
And they look lovely with a bob haircut.
Lily Collins, short bob haircut with blunt short bangs
Short blunt bangs with bob haircut
Lovely short haircuts for women, with short bangs

Short bangs bob haircut for women
Photographer: Bianca Des Jardins @biancadjardins (www.biancadesjardins.com)
Model: Marianne Caron @maarymakeup

Some quick basic hair care tips;

The perfect temperature for a hair straightener is 410 degrees, a lot of flat irons heat up to only 350 degrees and are therefore less in results.

Brush your hair with a small round brush, so you will get optimum volume. Blow dry with cold air afterwards in order to maintain the volume.

For extra shiny locks after rinsing your conditioner put a hot towel over your wet hair.

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