Messy to High Fashion; A gallery with some beautiful red hair updos

Chinese model Shu Pei with aubergine hair color with messy beehive

Are Updos just for a wedding or prom ? On the contrary, you can turn your hair any day into a new style! Discover the best and most beautiful updos whom are easily to imitate! Updo hairstyles are evergreen and many women’s favorites’ hairstyle because of their sophisticated touch and with a trendy outfit updos can be real eye-catchers. Red hair Updos are especially popular as wedding and bridal hairstyles. Many brides dream of a sophisticated updo their perfect dress. Because of the endless variations of an updo, it’s the perfect hairstyle not only on a festive day as a wedding but also for everyday life or special occasions.

Brown hair with light auburn strands

Ginger updo with bangs

Strawberry blond updo

A red volume updo

Pink with platinum color updo and red strawberry strands

For many, the ponytail is a loyal companion: it’s easy and always looks good, but the ponytail is more than a temporary solution to a bad hair-day or to get the hair out of the face quickly, as the simplest form of updo it has lot of styling potential and a base for several other updos. You can wear it in Sleek Look, braided, you can put extensions or braided extensions, hair pieces or as a simply bun. The ponytail is a true all-rounder when it comes to hairstyling, in addition to the popular braids. Another easy and simple updo is the bun, also very popular, whether in ballerina-look high up or Undone.

Red hairstyle with chignon and hair accessory

Haute couture Hairstyle

A retro updo

Classic high french roll updo ( banana updo)

Even a chignon, braided or twisted hairstyles can be simple variations of updos. They can need a bit of practice and as a beginner a helping hand from a friend, mother or sister is sometimes more than welcome. Instead of running off to a hair dresser immediately try some updos at home. There are a lot of online tutorials how to. For messy updos, it is not so important, that all the hair is worked up perfectly, with some highlights it good just look perfect. For particularly updos such as bridal hairstyles or red carpet updos a visit to a hairdresser is maybe a good idea, with professional tools they can work out some pretty updo hairstyles.

Chestnut curly hairstyle

Curly updo with bangs

High updo with brown and auburn hair colors

Red beehive hairstyle

Of course updos work best with hair that is at least shoulder length, but also for women with shorter hair a dream updo is possible. The use of hair pieces, extensions and braids can transform your short hair into a gorgeous updo. In order to get the perfect updo, many hairdressers advise their clients not to wash the hair on the day which the updos are to be made, but just one day before, the hair is tackier and is easier to style. Updos: Messy to high fashion.

Dark auburn curly updo

Red color blocking in blonde hairstyle

Beehive updo red ginger hair color

Michele Mercier beehive updo

Light ginger hair color with updo

Not only for normal day and bridal updos are popular, even the most successful fashion designers put their models in the most elaborate hair creations, snail updos, banana (French twist) almost everything is possible and everything goes. Whether a catwalk look or messy updo you never can’t go wrong with an updo.


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