Hairstyles with thick bangs; hairstyle trends

Hairstyles with thick bangs are popular like never before, thanks to celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone, who set the trendy style in her sitcom “New Girl”. We’ll show you why bangs are one of the coolest hairstyles of the universe and tell you whether the cool style is also something for you!

Copper color hairstyle with bangs and dark copper lowlights

You’re playing with the idea of changing your hairstyle into one with bangs? For many years, thick bangs and bangs in general became an integral part of the hairstyles of the celebrities: The most beautiful Celebrity Ladies as Selena Gomez, and Katie Holmes had this trendy hair style! We show how the bangs are best styled and what you should consider doing it all!

Long rich auburn hairstyle with thick bangs

Bangs are THE trend of recent years, no wonder because no other cut has such a big impact!  Styled bangs are the coolness booster par excellence for the face; it suits every hair color and length, as a rock charm. Model mom Heidi Klum helped also for a big break in Europe and made sure that thousands of women visit the hairdresser with “One hairstyle with bangs, please!” and happily stumbled out of the salon after only a few minutes. Thick bangs are made ​​fast and look cool on every hair color whether Red, Blonde, Brown or Black! With us you can find the best hairstyles let yourself be inspired!

Long light chestnut hairstyle with bangs

Thick bangs: Hip and cool, The cool look that just is making a comeback a trend back in the wild Sixties: screen icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Julie Christie and Marianne Faithful made ​​the bangs popular and inspired thousands of women. Even in Hollywood, thick bangs are also a favorite hairstyle by Jessica Alba and Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine. The reason for the popularity is that it almost covers the eyes, looks extremely sexy, playful and mysterious and of course celebrities do have all in side outs because of their stylists.

Copper straight hairstyle with bangs

Long hairstyles with thick bangs are the perfect way to spice up a rather average look to a dash of rock and roll and glamor. It kind of difficult when it comes to thick bangs with wavy or curly hair: You have to flat iron your bangs daily, and you should note that a bang is not suitable for every face shape. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, you are lucky because bang is ideal: it plays around your face and highlights your best features such as the eyes and lips. Bangs are also the fastest way to conjure up some freshness in your face and distracts any form of wrinkles and can make the entire face softer, bangs are a veritable fountain of youth.

Straight ginger hairstyle with thick bangs

Bangs are (almost) always a good idea to a new hairstyle, as it harmonizes with a variety of hair colors and lengths.

Straight hairstyle with bangs and splash lights hair coloring


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