Curly red hairstyles and how to keep your curls

Curly red hairstyles and how to keep your curls The day that you washed your hair it is often full of volume, your curls are loose and beautiful in shape. Unfortunately, after a night of sleep it turned into a messy, fluffy hairstyle. And to wash your hair daily is not a good option.

Volume and curls, the pineapple is a little uncomplicated method before getting to bed. The name derives from the effect that you create to put all your curls in a loose ponytail the best is with a scrunchy on top of your head. The idea is that you don’t sleep on your curls, and protect the length of your hair.

Another option is hair powder, the volumizing & texturizing powder makes your hair dry and stiff , this styling product is available in the different colors such as; chocolate, mahogany and chestnut. There are two ways to apply the powder but the effect is the same. You can either choose to shake a bit on your hands like a mousse or gel and rub it between your hands; the powder gets sticky and has the texture of a full lotion. You can also apply it directly to your roots.

Before you start styling, Less is more : hair powder can give her a dull appearance , so be careful don’t use too much. Hair Powder lasts all day, if you feel that the volume in your hair is gone; just use your hands to bring the volume back. Hair Powder can only be removed by washing your hair and not with a brush like a dry shampoo.

Curly hairstyle

Copper long curly hairstyle

Light copper hairstyle

Short curly volume bob

Short curly chestnut hairstyle

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