The Most Spiffy Natural Red Hair Color Shades for Fall

Before you got totally overwhelmed by all the red hair color shades available, we try to breakdown the colors in different groups. At the end you might have some idea which hair color shade will fit you best.

Natural Red Hair

Warm Reds

  1. Ginger red hair color: Light,medium red
  2. Light auburn: Mix of light red and light brown
  3. Medium auburn:Mix of golden red and medium brown
  4. Copper: Mix of dark blonde and light red.
  5. Red copper: Mix of red and orange brown
  6. Dark auburn: Mix of red rich and warm brown
  7. Mahogany: Mix deep cool red brown

“Fake” Red hair shades

Cool Reds

Fake red hair colors

  1. Cherry:Mix rose and brown
  2. Rose gold:mix of pink and copper
  3. Burgundy: dark violet
  4. Black cherry:Mix of black and cherry
  5. Ruby:Real red color
  6. Aubergine: Dark Purple eggplant shade
  7. Magenta: Mix of purple and red shades

Determine your nuance(shade)

To determine which shade suits you best, it’s important to see what kind of color you are.

Determine your color type:

Summer Type:

  1. Skin: Light skin tone with pink undertone
  2. Eyes: Blue, gray eyes
  3. Hair: Ash, honey blonde hair
  4. Hair Color Advice:Natural shades,ash, pearl

Fall type:

  1. Skin: Light with freckles
  2. Eyes: Bleu, green
  3. Hair: Copper red, Honey blonde, Light brown hair
  4. Hair color advice: Natural hair color shades, Hair colors with red shades.

Winter Type:

  1. Skin: Olive to dark skin
  2. Eyes: Brown and variants of blue
  3. Hair: Dark brown or black
  4. Hair color Advice: Mahogany shades, Red hair color shades.

Spring Type:

  1. Skin: Light fair colored skin with yellow beige undertone
  2. Eyes: Blue, brown or green
  3. Hair: Blonde to Brown hair colors
  4. Hair color advice: Ash shades, Gold and copper shades.

So as you can see, a natural red hair color fits all skin types. But a “fake” red hair color does not. Or if you have a dark skin you can where every red hair color shade there is. “Fake or Natural”

Here are the Most Spiffy Natural Red Hair Color Shades

Fun Fact about natural redheads:

  • Girls with red hair have thicker hair than people with other hair colors.
  • Red heads have a sensitive skin and are likely to have sun burns quickly.
  • It is possible that red heads have another pain perception than others.  However, there are both investigations who found that they were more sensitive, as studies that showed the opposite.
  • There are doctors who claim that red heads need 20% more anesthetic than people with other hair colors.