A Red Hair color from mother nature

If you want to color your hair in a beautiful new red color, then you do not always have to use chemical products as there are also various natural hair dyes in which great color results can be achieved.

red long hairstyle

Rather than chemical dyes it can be also very good to use natural hair dyes for creating a new red hair color. Anyway, the hair is usually strongly stressed out from chemicals and out of its natural balance. Your hair will dry out, become brittle and hair textures can be damaged. A much gentler version for coloring the hair is with the use of Henna.

Coco Rocha long amber reddish hairstyle

Henna for a red hair color

Henna is especially very suitable for coloring the hair red. With henna powder that is available in many health food stores or pharmacies, you can create different intensive hair dyes. These are mixed about six to eight tablespoons of the powder with 250 milliliters of boiling water and one egg and two teaspoons of olive oil. This mix is then distributed in the hair thoroughly and let it work for about two hours.

Lucille ball henna hair color

Then you have a wonderful red tinted, reddish-amber hair color, which in natural brown hair is especially a great eye catcher. Depending on how the color turns out you can vary with the amount of powder as well of the soaking time.

Nicola Roberts with carrot henna hair color

Walnut shell powder for brown hair, Similarly, when using Walnut shell powder. Replacing the henna powder in this recipe with the powder of walnut, instead of a reddish hue, the result is a rich brown hair color.

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