Hairstyles with side parting

Curly copper bob with side parting

A side parting is the best way to bring some change in your hairstyle, whether worn on the left or right, it does not matter. Celebrities such as Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst wear often hairstyles with side parting.We show you the best red hairstyles with side parting and tell you how they can easily been made! Side parting: Mysterious and cool, while center parting or middle parting hairstyles is getting some good looks, the side parting hairstyle gives a cool and some casual accents, especially if it’s not accurately.

The side parting is currently popular as ever and worn by the hottest celebrities. Above all the beauties that rely on a more unconventional look, love the side parting: Whether Rihanna , the extreme Sleek Look of Kate Bosworth or a retro pixie like Carey Mulligan, the most beautiful and coolest ladies prefer clearly the side parting in their hairstyles. The fact is that the hair falls side wards over the eyes which create a mysterious and unapproachable look. The side parting can be worn just by any woman, because of the oblique cut, the facial features that are not perfectly symmetrical, balance and flatters every face shape. In addition, the side parting makes small blemishes disappear in a flash and directs attention to features such as eyes and mouth. If you have a wider face shape side parting is ideal because it diminish your face contours. Depending on how you pull your side-parting, it has a completely different effect.

Your creativity knows no limits with a side parting! Whether you have curls, sleek or wavy hair, short or long wearing a side parting is always a good option. Side parting: Between natural and extreme
A deep side parting stands out particularly well if you have long hair, and with them a cool statement look à la Cara Delevigne. The side parting doesn’t always be very obvious, such as with hairstyles like the side braid, the Bob and with all Updos.

Long messy chestnut hairstyle with blonde highlights and deep side parting

Sleek copper hairstyle with side parting

Long wavy hairstyle with side parting and hazel haircolor

Russet long long hairstyle with bangs and side parting

Short bob with side parting copper and high;lights hair color

Classic behhive updo with small side parting and chestnut hair color

Medium bob with side parting and chestnut hair color

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