From a Ginger hair color to Pre-Raphaelite; seasonal color changes

Ginger hair color

Darker in winter? A look at red hair color choices according to the season.When fall has made his entrance for those of us in the northern hemisphere, many women ask themselves whether they should keep their summer ginger hair color or that it should be transferred to a natural fall and winter color or a transition to a more extreme trendy fall or winter color.

Dark brown Auburn Hairstyle

During the summer months people’s red hair color change to a lighter color when exposed to the sun, pool and seawater, depending on how much the hair was exposed and specific hair characters, porosity and texture. The natural hair color also plays a role in the color changes that take place according to the season, because different hair colors will change in different ways when exposed to factors that fades out the hair color.

Medium Hairstyle with red copper hair color

Hair that is blonde will tend to be paler and blonder and will go to a golden yellow hue, while darker red hair colors get most often lighter to reddish and orange ginger hair color under the influence of the same factors. Sometimes these natural changes are not always as beautiful as we had hoped, so that many women just decide to let their hair bleach or lighten (or they do it themselves) at the beginning of the spring or summer months.

Ginger straight hairstyle

Of course, the trend to change the hair color according to the season has at least one advantage: during the winter months, people get a lighter skin color as most people usually sit inside and periods of daylight are significantly shorter and the hair will return back to its natural tint as there is not much sun exposure any more. During summer lighter hair compliments a tanned skin and during winter a darker hair color compliments a lighter winter skin tone.

Copper shiny hair color with vintage hairstyle

Choosing the right color for your seasonal transition, A ginger hair color for spring-summer or a Pre-Raphaelite (warmer red or auburn color) for fall-winter. If you plan to lighten your red hair color for spring and summer, try to manage it within 3 levels of your natural hair color. The less drastic you color your hair, the less likely you will damage your hair.

Hairstyle with different auburn tones

Large color differences do not only take the color out of your hair, but make it more porous. And vice versa, if you want to return to a darker shade for the winter months, choose for a slightly darker hair color.

Long layered hairstyle with chestnut hair color

When you plan to make your hair darker than your natural hair color, the effect could be that you look pale and lines and wrinkles are more obvious for some older ladies. In fact, for an older woman the advice is to focus on lighter hair colors in order not to emphasize the wrinkles and fine lines.

Ginger hair color

One option to keep in mind is to adjust the hair color to change the tone of the hair and not to lighten or darken the hair. Try a demi-permanent color (which are usually milder for the hair) to add some warmth in your red hair color for the winter months. Your hair will look healthier and you will eventually be happy with the result.

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