Unusual reds; pomegranate red hairstyles.

Natural hair colors are for some too boring; an exceptional look in purples, carrot and pomegranate red hairstyles are seen very often.

Big hair red pomegranate hairstyles

But how do you manage to dye dark hair in a flamboyant color without taking a risk of disappointment?

A short red and black punk hairstyle

Hair dyeing at a hair salon Maybe in cases of an extreme hair color change you should seek advice from an expert. The hairdresser will examine the hair and then recommends the correct course of action to achieve the desired hair color.

Long red hairstyle with bangs

Preparations for hair dyeing Who has the courage to dye the hair in a pomegranate red, red violet purple or a carrot red hair color do have to take some things in consideration. People with very pale blonde hair can start immediately to dye their hair in their favorite color.

short ruby red hairstyle

Who has middle to dark Blonde Hair, should use bleach before dying. The bleach destroys the natural color pigment from the hair, and then the hair can be dyed to the desired color.
Dyeing on a dark hair color without bleaching can give and unsatisfactorily effect. The color may be look too weak. In addition, the color lasts much longer in bleached hair. You could bleach your hair, you could also buy a red base coat, and it may turn into an orange but can turn out as a pretty color.

Short bob haircut with red hair color

Dyeing your hair If your hair is very light by nature or bleached, you can start the actual dyeing. For this, the hair should be washed and dried. Now protect yourself with an old towel and gloves. Most of the time these are included in the home dye kits.

Ariana Grande red hairstyle

Tip: If you do not want any color on the forehead or neck, these bodies apply a fat thick cream on these areas. First, the hair is treated with a mixture of cream-like color. For this purpose, comb the hair to spread the dye evenly, so that the whole hair is completely covered with dye. The first accents are visible immediately. To avoid the hair dangle around the face or neck, it can be wrapped in aluminum foil during the soak time.

Vintage red hair color hairstyle

Most dyes have a recommended soaking time of 15 to 20 minutes, after this time, you should check the result. If the color is not intense enough, the color can remain for a few minutes longer.
If the color intensity is reached, it’s time to rinse. If possible, you should get help when rinsing, especially with long hair. The hair should be rinsed until the water runs clear. Apply a mild neutralizing hair care product for the damaged hair and scalp. The dry your hair and enjoy the result, air dry is still the gentlest method.

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