A rusty red glow; Experiment with a copper hair color

It’s nothing new that Katy Perry loves to experiment with her hair color. Whether it’s pink, black, flashy blue we’ve seen her in almost all colors. But the most beautiful I’ve seen until today was for the French magazine L’Officiel Paris last year, she dropped her head in a rusty red glow and looks so elegant and different, I just love the red copper hair color on her.

Katy Perry by Cuneyt Akergiou for L_Officiel Paris

With a natural make-up of brown eye shadow and pink-colored blush her face looks very tender and match the flaming Arielle hair. Her hair was probably stacked with many hair pieces and extensions, in her otherwise chin-length hair. Next to that beautiful red copper hair she wears a peach-colored dress by Louis Vuitton, which underlines the new hair color again. Whatever color, strawberry, cherry, eggplant, red wine, chili, chocolate, or pomegranate! Katy Perry can wear it all. Some pictures of the photo-shoot from last year which definitely belongs to one of some great red copper hair color, hairstyles and photo shoots.

Katy Perry with long copper hair color for a photo shoot

Katy Perry photo shoot for L_Officiel

Katy Perry wears a peach-colored dress by Louis Vuitton

Katy Perry with long copper hair color

Katy Perry flaming red hair color

Katy perry on the cover of L_Offieciel

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