Ruby red Hair; achieve dazzling results

Thick hairstyle with red hair color

If you are considering ruby red hair, you will first need to find out what your “contributing pigment” is. This means you have to know the underlying color of the hair which is build out of different types of melanin. Many brunettes and blondes have the same contributing pigment that only differ in intensity and the power of the color.

As long as civilization exists, women changed or improved their hair through various methods. In earlier times, hair dye was made of crushed berries and plant extracts which was used as a color hair rinse. In the 17th and 18th century women made use of oils and powders to lift their hair color. Nowadays the natural color of our hair is not even recognizable thru all changes and coloring. The modern way of the hair color is a chemical process that is capable of adding pigment or to take it away. Unlike the rinses and powders that were previously used, the modern hair dye is able to penetrate the hair shaft and change from blonde to black or any color in between.

New hot red hair coor

There are still products to color only the surface, but there are also products that stay beautiful even to the time of outgrowth which is in a few days or weeks. An important term used in hair colors is “tone”, which precisely determines the heat or coolness of a color. Red, orange and yellow are all warm tones, while blue, green and violet considered cool. Even though this is hard to believe, each of these tones can be present within a hair color. By properly setting the natural tone, the hair stylist can avoid a disappointed result when coloring the hair.

Long ruby red curly hairstyle

The intensity is also a point to consider when coloring your hair at home; with colors like ruby red Strawberry red and or a lighthouse red these are red tones different in intensity. Be very careful in identifying and evaluating your hair before you start dyeing the hair.

A bright ruby red hair color vintage hairstyle

You and your hair stylist can achieve dazzling results in creating a natural look or even a whole new look. But most importantly is the fact that a good preparation can protect against making an unfortunate mistake in the coloring process you. Once you are well aware of the important factors of your hair, then you will have fun with the ruby red hair color.

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