Red hair color: this is how beautiful it can be!

Long ginger natural hairstyle

Make your red hair color the best, Proper hair care is very important, it doesn’t matter what color hair you have. When red hair is damaged, it will look even more rigid than any other hair color.

healthy shiny hair

Because a red hair color is a huge attention grabber, good hair care is a must! Therefore it is very important that regardless, whether you have washed it or not, you treat it with a conditioner. Healthy looking and shiny hair will let the red pigment literally glow. So whether your red hair is short or long, or straight or curly, make sure that it is always soft and healthy, and you will be pleased with the compliments you receive.

Natural ginger hair color with long hair

Avoiding clashing colors:

Any kind of red hair has either a red or orange pigment as a base color. Light, fiery red hair and rosy red blond hair usually has an orange base and these people often have a very pale skin, these people have eyes in all colors, but usually they have a light color. Bright blue or green eyes are very common.

Natural copper hairstyles

Red hair colors and fashion

Red-haired people with an orange base color need to be very careful in how they dress and which makeup they use because they otherwise risk that the colors will clash. The most suitable colors are pastels, green, aqua, blue and lilac. Orange tones and bright red or bright yellow tones should be avoided, because it will look very pale. Also dark green, blue and violet nuances will let you look pale.

Long hairstyle Auburn hair color

Red hair colors and skin tones

Dark red and maroon hair colors often have a red pigment as a base color and flatters green, blue or violet tones best, but in this case we look for slightly fuller tones, more gem colors instead of pastels, because pastels will give you a paler appearance. When there are yellow, red and orange shades in your clothes it is better to select softer shades. The red pigmented redheads often have a little more toned skin and with great regularity hazel or brown eyes, but other eye colors are possible.

Red hair with updo

Red hair colors and makeup

The color advice given is primarily related to clothes, but they are also applicable to makeup. There is an easy rule for makeup, which both apply for red as orange. Red hair, with any nuance, is a warm color, which of course also requires warm tones in makeup. The orange-based pigment redheads get a beautiful face with makeup in soft shades. The red pigment based red heads, get a beautiful face with darker shades, like cherry red.

Red vintage hairstyle

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