Natural Red hair! One of the brilliant mistakes of mother Nature

Long ginger hair

What about natural red hair, Previously natural red hair was seen as something unacceptable, it was a curse rather beautiful and a fashion trend. If we want to explain where natural red hair is coming from we have to look at the genes.

Long natural red braided hair

Every human being has 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each half inherited from a parent. These chromosomes contain DNA molecules with main pieces of information: the genes. Every human has about 20,000 genes and one of these genes gives one the beautiful red hair which I am so fond of. The DNA is translated into proteins that have various functions in the body. Proteins are involved in chemical reactions, communication, transmission, regulation and structure. An error in the DNA, a mutation leads to production of false proteins; thereby or otherwise not perform their function.

Long natural red hair

The MC1R (Melanocortin 1 receptor) gene has been implicated in hair color. This gene is responsible for the production of a brown pigment, which is excreted in the brains. With a Red head, there is a mutation in this gene. They cannot or excrete less brown pigment. This gives a red / orange color. There are a total of seven types of mutations in this gene which are known, these are caused by the different distribution areas of the mutations. This will explain the differences in red hair. One is red and the other is again more orange. This ensures the beautiful differences among red heads.

Long ginger hair

The extinction of red hair. We have all heard the stories about the extinction of red hair, but is that true? To find answers to this question we need to address the concept of inheritance. This is domination vs. recessive genes. The gene for red hair is recessive. This means that you need two recessive genes (one from each parent)to get red hair. If there is a dominant gene (for example, brown hair) present, then the gene for red hair is pressed away. Because red hair is only caused by the presence of two recessive genes theoretically it could extinct. Also the increase in the number of immigrants to the northern countries over decades may be a reason as well. They come from southern regions where the mutation occurs less. However, the gene is not removed from the population, it’s just not visible. Sometimes the genes come back together, two recessive genes in an individual. Red hair is therefore less prevalent, but will not extinct. In addition, there is also a positive site on the story. Because natural red hair is rare, it’s increasingly popular. Nature has its own ways to deal with rarities such as red hair and a positive selection is one of them.

Natural long auburn hair color
For those who are not blessed with natural red hair, a visit to a hair salon or some home kits with hair dye can do miracles.

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