Mysterious subcultures; Gothic red long hairstyles

In our society are numerous subcultures, but one of the most mysterious subcultures is the Gothic culture.

A Goth with long red vintage hairstyle

Goth is a subculture, a lifestyle seen in fashion, music, hairstyles and makeup. Not all Goths are the same; there is a great difference in interest, styles and activities although they have some things in common.

Long deep auburn straight hairstyle with bangs

Goths dare to express their opinions and stand out from the crowd; they have a love for history, literature and music. They are open minded and creative and have respect for nature and life.
Each Goth is different, there is no dress code and or other such rules.

Copper long curly hairstyle

Nothing is more impressive than the wardrobe of Goths. Different styles distinguish themselves from each other, and each style has its own distinctive features.

Long copper hairstyle with bangs

The clothes, hair styles and makeup are often interpreted as expression of their feelings. The following styles are common: Medieval / Renaissance Gothic, This is the most common style. Characterize the medieval corsets, dresses, skirts, hoop skirts/dresses. The men wear blouses with lots of ruffles, sometimes combined with a long black cloak, lace, tulle, voile and velour is often used in this style.

Long wavy ginger hairstyle

The hairstyles of both men and women are usually long and black. The makeup is often a pale foundation combined with black eye shadow and lips. Silver jewelry and chokers from velvet or lace are widely worn. This style is from The Middle Ages and the British Victorian era.

Long gothic red hairstyle

The cyberpunk or cyber Goth style This is a eye-catching style, because of the multiple use of lacquer, PVC and rubber, also quilted fabrics, Fishnet and net shirts are very typical in this style. The clothes are tide, short. In terms of colors they are mainly black with neon colors. The shoes are often large buckles and high platform shoes and are often worn bright colors. Makeup and hair are most of the time bright.

Long chestnut hair color with side swept bang

The fairy Goth style, is derived from the cyber-gothic style, and is often classified as the same. The fairy Goth style is inspired by the world of fairy tales. There are bright colors and shiny fabrics glitter and glittery accessories. Make-up and red long hairstyles are as a fairy tale.

Red auburn high bun updo

Gothic Lolita is a style that is very popular in Japan. In this style you see especially in the female Goths looks like porcelain dolls. This style has become very popular in 1999 as a sort of Alice in Wonderland-style. The clothing is characterized by short dresses, red long hairstyles with lots and lots of petticoats, ruffles, lace, roses and other frills, hair bands with lots of ruffles, borders and such things.

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