To manage a red hair ombre look

dark red to light auburn ombre hairstyle

A hair trend that is around for quite some time is ombre hair. The great gradients in the hair that characterize this look and make your hair vibrant are definitely an eye-catcher. The beauty of this; you can make the ombre look yourself in all different colors. Until a few years ago it was considered shabby having “roots to the ears”. However, a ombre hairstyle does not mean to let your hair dye grow out to get the desired effect, it would eventually take several months, and in the meantime the hairstyle would look just awful.

from dark rich auburn to light auburn ombre

To get around this, an ombre look just goes the opposite way. With ombre hair you have to dye the tips. As with normal hair coloring, with ombre hair coloring, different colors and color gradients are possible. Particularly common is to give a dark hairstyle an ombre look from dark to light tips. Of course, it’s possible to go the other way around and go from light to dark. Particularly striking and not often seen is the ombre look with red hair.

Brown red ombre hairstyle

Tips for the red hair ombre look

If you are a naturel Red you have clearly an advantage. One who is blessed by nature with strong red hair just needs to bleach the tips to get a red ombre look.However, the gradients with seductive red can be colored, dark and light hair colors, or in dark and light versions. But here it is a few things to consider.
Ginger hair colors ombre

Tips for natural blonde hair

Who wants to spice up natural blonde hair with red, has a quite easy job, both the roots and or the tips can be colored with red ombre, the result is often strong but beautiful. Be careful, if your hair is bleached it can turn out pink.

Red blonde ombre new hairstyle trend 2014

Tips for dark hair types

Really intricately is the red hair ombre look, when a color from blonde to red or red to blonde has to be made, and the initial hair color is dark. Then all the hair must be bleached first, before applying the red. Be careful, if your hair is bleached it can turn out pink.


The difficulty is the fade effect, no matter if the red will go darker or lighter at the tips, at the transition between the red and blonde, it may happen that the hair will turn pink.
Meanwhile, there are numerous of brands who sell home kits that contain everything you need to in order to color the red ombre look at home, even for red hair ombre.

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