Hair Extensions – Long hair in no time

Ash blonde hair with reddish dip dye extensions

You wish you had ardently long, voluminous long hair, but your hair didn’t quite that what you wished for because they are too fragile, brittle or dry and frizzy? Extensions can exactly do this for you and with extensions you will have long hair in no time! We show you the most beautiful styles for your new, ultra-long hair either with clip in extensions or professional done at a hair salon!

Long copper thich wavy hairstyle

Long hair for all! Thanks to long hair extensions no need to the eternally long growing period. Within a few hours you will have any long hairstyle you wished for with the latest techniques.
Not only the celebrities love to change their look with extensions, many fashionistas and style queens have already realized that there is probably no other trend, in which one can change his appearance so quickly and radically. Long hair today, a trendy bob cut tomorrow, and the day after that a pixie to recover? Extensions do make it possible!

Long thick red auburn curly hair

The pursuit of long thick flowing hair is probably as old as humanity itself; of course, the industry has also discovered the beauty and offers many different methods that fulfill the dream in an instant and some as inexpensive as possible. Extensions are now very much better than its previous reputation. Or maybe you have extensions and need some styling inspiration? With extensions the creations of long hair styles the latest trend cuts and updos are finally possible for those who suffer from bad hair days.

Long thick chestnut hairstyle

There are countless ways to fulfill the dream of long hair fast, whether with hair clips or permanently, to emphasize the femininity. While you get a fake hair piece you want to use only for one night for a modest price, you should pay attention to quality in permanent extensions. They should be made of human hair and are professionally installed by hair stylists or in a special Extensions Studio, for a natural look. Extensions can be incorporated with metal compounds, clips, and glue or braided into your hair. The method depends on how long to keep the extensions in your hair. For professional extensions can remain up to six months. What kind of method and which budget you have these are all factors in choosing the right extensions.

Long brown hairstyle with red ombre

For the durability of extensions you need not only the help of a professional, you must also take good care of your extensions, the synthetic as well as natural hair extensions, clip in or bonded/glued need a special care which is essential so they can hold up to six months in your hair. In the care products that allow you to wash your extensions, you should make sure that these also contain no alcohol, no silicones, no oil, since these additives can damage the bonds if you have glued/bonded hair extensions then brushing your hair twice a day is also very essential for the durability for your extensions.

Long wavy copper with different reddish clip in extensions

If you are in for extensions keep in mind that there are special treatments for extensions. With extensions you must also avoid some of your styling habits, to not overhead extensions with for example flat irons on the bonds because the heat can loosen it. You should not rub your hair too vigorously, when blow-drying you should make sure that you work only with low heat and soft brushes. You see, Extensions provide certain requirements, but are still the easiest and most uncomplicated way to fulfill the dream of long hair but id considering please read reviews about the pro and cons of permanent extensions.

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