Classic or punk; a variety of red hair dye

Sometimes it seems that after 2000 years there is an ever-increasing range of trends without losing sight of the past trends. The result is that fashion hair trends from the past seasons still remain trendy, but expanded

Long sleek hairstyle with Orange and black hair dye

with new ideas whom can easily varied with past trends and the is ideal playground for those who like to experiment and can create their own personal look with some awesome red hair dye!

It’s not only the wardrobe, but also in hair, or to put it in another way: Do as you like. At least in 2013, hairstyles and fashion technically where not dictated. Whether blonde or brown, red-haired or caramel – all tones seemed almost equal in the fashion world. The only no-go was a pitch black hair color.

Platinum blonde hair color with purple red dip dye

Those who preferred something more daring could go for the so called Candy Colors: pastel hair colors, which are still a trend, but of course not as startling as they were two years ago. By now, everyone can buy suitable products for hair highlights and tips in cotton candy pink, apricot or shimmering purple colors, purple Red and red hair dye products with an endless range of red colors. The beauty of it is that many products are washable, so they offer endless design possibilities.

Pomegranate Red and ash blonde hair colors

We also think about the sudden bright hair tips of last year, the ombre and chalk which do have some beautiful colors that range from reds, soft caramel or a beautiful honey blonde, depending on the original color, a trend which played a big role in 2012-2013 and are among the best. So: No fear for color changes, inspire or simply seek advice at a hair salon!

Carrot red hair style

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