A Chestnut hair color with highlights

If you have a chestnut hair color whether natural or from a package, a chestnut hair color with highlights can make a difference and your hair even look more beautiful. For a chestnut hair color the following colors are perfect for highlights; Caramel, blonde, copper or cinnamon colors are a good match for chestnut hair colors.

Long red curly hairstyle with chestnut haircolor

Long chestnut hair color hairstyle with bangs

Placing highlights is not that difficult. For short hair, the strands are usually easier than with long hair. Particularly easy are highlights in layered haircuts, the only thing you will need is some hair dye in any color and a comb. A very little dye is added to comb and dye the desired parts; the highlights will eventually look very natural.

Long curyly hairstyle with chestnut hair color with caramel highlights

Light Chestnut hairstyle

For long hair, placing highlights works best when you style your hair as usually; decide then, at what points the hair should be colored. As a rule, less is sometimes more, so divide the parts may be only about 5 mm wide, so that the highlights do not look like long lines. Block highlights or color blocking usually is only done with runway models and most of the time with extensions or hair pieces.

Long light chestnut hair color with cinnamon strands

Brown red hair color with different kind of red hair color highlights

Normally the highlights are placed at the top layer of the hair. At the back, highlights are placed further apart than on the lateral parts of the hair, this looks more natural especially with long hair, if only the top hair is done with highlights. For curly hair or short haircuts the lower hair is dyed in a brighter color so that the highlights look more natural.

Chestnut hair color with blonde strands

Chestnut hair color with curly bob hairstyle

After you applied all the highlights, start to dab of the first strand with a tissue. When highlights appear too dark, a little dye is applied again, total time no longer than between 15 and 30 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly and wash with a little shampoo. If it’s washed with a gloss shampoo for highlights your hair will look even shinier. Anyone who has dry or damaged hair should use a deep conditioner and or a hair mask.

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