Burgundy hair dye; for anyone who is looking for a sensual and intense color

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If you have a black or a dark chocolate hair color, a burgundy hair dye may just give your hair the sparkle it needs, because it must be said that redheads are really beautiful and that there are many girls who want to at least once in your life have a red hair color. The red, however, is not an easy color to wear, there are many nuances and unfortunately it’s not to everyone to wear all red shades. If the idea of having red hair tempts you just try it and try to find out which red color your skin tone will fit and you can have a perfect red hair.

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Let’s see some tips to choose the shade of red that suits you! The first tip is to try the color before making a non-permanent dye without ammonia or oxygen, in this way, if the result does not please you, in a few weeks you can of course go back to your natural color, without having to merge dye of dyes, which in the long run could damage your poor hair. If you do not like the look of rock , absolutely not recommended to choose the red fire of Rihanna , because even remember that , if you are donating to her, does not mean that gifts to us mere mortals . Beautiful and very easy to get is the Auburn: in this case, just a base on which to apply a compress blonde henna, of course the red tones. The red copper and auburn colors are perfect for those with a fair complexion; it is very natural tones that tend to give an aspect sophisticated and ethereal. Perfect for brunettes or people with black hair is red or brown mahogany or a burgundy hair dye which will you a warm and intense tone that gives almost all. A must try for anyone who is looking for a sensual and intense color.

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When choosing the color red take into consideration your style and color complexion. This should be a detail that a good hairdresser never would forget for it would be a sacrilege to propose a light red or auburn to those who have a dark complexion and sallow face, while a mahogany violet may be too intense for those with a milky face. Remember that hair color has a decisive influence on the look, therefore, the red fire is ok if you love to have an aggressive and rather strong, mahogany is ideal if you want to give a simple burst of vitality to your brown, titian red is perfect if you are looking for a sensual look and ultra-feminine, while the red and auburn are ideal if you want to have an aspect chic and extremely sought after.

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If you have fair skin, brown with a red shade is just right for you, or you can opt for a beautiful auburn, a color that is always in fashion. In general, if you have fair skin you know that red hair on you will be nothing short of sensational, and be more careful if you have dark skin or Mediterranean, in this case, in fact, it is advisable for you to a dark red a rich mahogany or a burgundy hair dye. red gives almost all, the important thing is to choose a shade more or less intense depending on how clear your complexion, while the bright red coloring is so special to be given only to a few chosen who are fortunate enough to have the perfect features.

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Red hair is really beautiful, but because they are always vibrant and shiny it is important to treat them with care. Any red colored hair must always be treated with specific products, shampoo and conditioner for colored hair or enriched with henna to keep alive the reflexes are essential to ensure that the coloring appears vivid for a long time. Nourishing masks and hydrating wraps are a must for keeping the hair healthy and make sure that the color is always bright and intense. To rehydrate your hair you can use specific masks that are on the market or DIY packs of yoghurt, honey, almond oil or olive oil. Finally, remember that in order to maintain shiny hair are very useful rinsing with cold apple cider vinegar or infused with red sandalwood. Try to follow our advice and you will see that your red will be more vivid and intense for a long time.

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