Balayage Highlights : Professional tools for a perfect score

Highlights accentuate your natural hair color, with subtle color and accents and the effect gives it a unique color experience! With some tips and tricks for styling your highlights remains perfect for a long time!

Hairstyle with french light auburn highlights

Sombre hair coloring

Golden blonde hairstyle with copper strands

Brown hairstyle copper highlights

Highlights: The Sun in your hair! Is your natural hair color boring and you want some exciting highlights in your hair? Then highlights are just right for you! Women like to change whether its clothes or hair! Sometimes a completely new color is the right thing, but for many women this might be to extremer. With highlights the change is not that drastic but can look if you have a total new hairstyle. Highlights accentuate your underlying natural hair color.

Brown red hairstyle with highlights of different red shades

Long layered brown hairstyle with mahogany copper highlights

Brown red curly hairstyle with copper strands

If you have thin hair, highlights are also an easy way to make your hair look more voluminous: With some extra contrast, the magic highlights in your hair will let your hair look lively and full. For all hair colors and hair types; highlights should be two to three shades lighter than your base hair color, so they look natural not dyed. Highlights: everything is permitted from colorful to dark!

Curly bob hairstyle with copper highlights

Ginger and light copper highlights

Highlights are not always the same; with different types of color accents you can create different looks. Red highlights with different colors, but from the same color family for will give the hair a sun kissed effect because the hair looks as if they had been lightened by the sun. The darker and lighter shades result in a very natural look, because the sun provides also different levels of light.

Long hair with hazelnut balayage highlights

Make sure that the transitions between the natural hair color and the highlights are not too hard, otherwise the result looks unnaturally, which is called color blocking. Color blocking are wider highlights, which are colored only on the top layer. The most popular form of hair highlights are highlights in which individual parts or the entire hair are accentuated without completely color the hair. No matter which kind of highlights you decide.

Layered hairstyle with highlights of auburn colors

A brown hair color with tips og a copper hair color

Highlights: Professional tools for a perfect score! At a hair salon strands are usually done with foil, your hairdresser divides according to the customer wish some sections of hair, applies it with the desired color and then wrapped in aluminum foil. But highlights do not always have to cost lot of money; thanks to some professional tools you can also create the look at home! You bring out the best but needs some help, for your back to get the highlights evenly. With a special cap you can set individual color accents: just pull out the desired strands with a special needle and dye them. A natural look is created in a minute! You will achieve similar results with French highlights or the balayage highlights no cap or foil needed and seems healthier for the hair because there is no heat involved.

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