A Red Pixie; the Premium classic short haircut

Who thinks of a pixie cut, probably automatically thinks of 60 model Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow who made this short haircut famous. The haircut brings out the best out of the female facial features. The pixie cut has always been very popular and celebrities such as like Rihanna, Halle Berry, Audrey Tautou,

Mahogany short haircut

Katie Holmes and Natalie Portman have proven the opposite with clichés such as; short haircuts are haircuts for married women, mums and tomboyish. As beautiful long hairstyles may be, no one can deny that a pixie is sexier than ever.

Short auburn pixie

Pixie Cut, statement of the wild 60’s Twiggy, Mia Farrow caused a real run on the hair salons. All wanted the new, iconic haircut which was so different than anything seen so far! At that time the pixie cut was an un-styled haircut, technically a revolution. The pixie cut managed to be classic, classy and glamorous, but it also edgy, eccentric and extravagant.

Brown pixie with auburn tones

With a pixie cut you could stand out from the crowd without deviate from the norm. Maybe the pixie became also because of the ever-advancing emancipation of women, after all, the woman where able to show off their independence without losing their femininity.

Short modern mahogany pixie

The pixie cut is cut short on the sides and at the back of the head while the top of the head is slightly longer the average length is 2 to 4 inch, but can be cut longer or shorter. Important is the significant visual difference between the sides and top of the head. The pixie cut, depending on the shape of the face can be worn with long short bangs.

Short copper hairstyle

Long bangs can hide high brows perfectly and short bangs visually stretch the face, while longer fringed bangs can soften the face. If you think about a pixie you should definitely seek advice at a hair salon, which pixie cut is the best for your face shape. Generally one can say that a pixie cut is suitable for almost any face shape, but it’s true that delicate, soft,feminine features of the face can be emphasized by the androgynous pixie if you have the right cut.

Classic short copper red pixie

The styling versions are almost endless: A pixie cut can be styled both classy and chic or funky and trendy. Celebrities such as; Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and Michelle Williams have glamorous pixie’s, while Miley Cyrus is has the freaky version of the pixie cut and it does equally look good.

A funky short hairstyle

The special thing of a pixie; you can decide whether you want to style your hair noble, or rather wild and naughty day by day. Although the pixie is less time consuming than a long hairstyle, the styling can sometimes take several minutes to complete.

A ruby red short haircut

You should also let your pixie cut recut every four weeks so that it keeps its shape and look neat and tidy. A little bit of courage is required for a short haircut, after all especially if you have long hair. But it is always worth a try!

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