5 tips for a perfect long hairstyle

1 Your hair and hairstyle have a huge impact to determine your appearance. Dull, lifeless hair is not desirable and beautiful, well-kept hair can make a huge difference. Sounds good, of course, but how can you actually achieve this? Below we have summarized 5 styling tips for a perfect long hairstyle and how to determine your appearance.

Beach messy hairstyle

Wash and brush your hair at the right time
Many people like to wash their hair every day, especially if they have long hair. This is not surprising, because during the day your hair endures a lot and quickly becomes a bit dull and or greasy. If you wash your hair daily, then it is always convenient to choose a shampoo that is suitable for daily use, such as shampoos that are mild and can be used without any problems.

Light golden brown hairstyle

Hair updo’s
An updo is just a handy hairstyle but keep in mind that if you wash your hair daily, an updo is not such an easy hairstyle to handle because shampoos make your hair smooth and supple, if you could avoud to wash your hair daily your hair is a bit stiffer and easier to handle. If you still want to wash your hair daily then just do it the evening before.

Long layered brown hairstyle

Brushing hair
Many people brush through their hair immediately after a bath or shower to avoid tangled hair, however, if your hair is wet it is much more sensitive and is prone to break very easily. So preferably, brush or comb your hair when dry. Moreover it’s even worse to blow-dry your hair and comb at the same time.

long layered copper hairstyle

2. Don’t be afraid to use hairspray
For some hairstyles the amount of hairspray the hairdresser use is sometimes overwhelming but the results are fantastic. Would you now and then a beautiful updo, then don’ be afraid to use some hairspray. Hairspray is one of the best styling products to create some volume in your hair. But a daily massive dose of hairspray is not the solution to style your hair daily it’s not very good for your hair, but occasionally the use of hairspray can do no harm.

Hairstyle with updo

3. A beach look hairstyle?
You know probably the “messy” hair look when you just come back from a brisk walk along the beach. Blake Lively is the queen of this hairstyle. Her hair often seems to fall naturally into a beautiful, casual hairstyle with lots of volume. The secret of this look? The use of a hair spray with sea salt. Using such a spray will definitely help to create this look. When spray with normal hairspray you may get a stiff style if you’ve pasted your hair together. With sea salt hair spray your hair will be looser. You can buy such a hairspray in the store, but also mix it yourself. Take a bottle with atomizer / spray function (or just a spray bottle), mix some water with sea salt and of you go. Using such a spray is preferably on towel-dried hair and then leave it without blow drying.

Long light brown hairstyle with blonde highlights

4. Shiny hairstyles you can buy
It is really beautiful if your hair shines, dull hair simply looks depressingly. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful shiny hair. There are more than enough tools to style your hair. A spray, shampoo or conditioner that gives your hair more shine is a good investment.

Hairstyles with ponytails

5. Go for a regular haircut
If you want to grow your hair then it is tempting not to go to the hairdresser, because you see yourself in the mirror every day, you can easily forget to go for a haircut. But do not wait too long to cut your hair, it’s good for the health of your hair to have the dead and split ends removed. So a regular visit to your hairdresser to get it styled is not just good for your hair but also relaxing.


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