Ten golden rules to make your hair winter proof

To make your hair winter proof, Wash your hair not with too hot water. Luke warm Water is much better for your hair. Treat your hair like you treat your skin in winter. A daily moisturizing conditioner fills any shortage of moisture and prevents against dry hair.

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Use a weekly hair mask that suits your hair type, such as a repair and protect hair mask to give your hair a nurturing boost.

Flyaway hair? A good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can avoid this problem. You can also use some hair spray to spray on your comb or brush. Hair spray neutralizes the static charge.

Because wet hair is very fragile, it should be carefully styled. Never forcibly a comb or brush through wet hair.

Wear a cotton hat or cap to protect you from the cold and wind, so it does not dry out your hair. Make sure it is not too tight around your head. Brush your hair in the opposite direction. Once you take of your hat, you brush it back. So you keep the volume.

Never go outside with wet hair in winter, your hair can freeze and thereby break.

Expose your hair as little as possible to the heat of a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron.

If you want to blow dry your hair (or if you want to use a straightener), always use protection such as shiny heat protection sprays.

Do not stop after washing with taking care of your hair. Always use aftercare products such as a heat protective spray and give your hair regularly nourishing boost with an intensive mask.

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