Long Hairstyles with curls? As diverse as you!

Long Hairstyles with curls, Auburn wavy curvy, chestnut red wavy whirly, XXL red-brown curly spirally curls, how you easily get it right, the most beautiful styles for glamorous events or just a normal day. Discover the coolest Long curly hairstyles for red hair!

Long curls with copper and golden highlights

Long Hairstyles with curls? As diverse as you yourself! Curly hair and you just don’t know what to do with it? Not straight and also not curly enough? With some expert tips you manage your hair in no time. Beach Waves like cult model Erin Wasson. Let yourself be convinced that there is nothing more practical and trendier than curly hair, if you indulge them with proper care and a cool styling!

Long curly red hair

Natural Curly hair can one drive crazy, they never want what you like. Sometimes they curl more than other times. With straighteners, curling irons etc, you try to give your look structure and expression. Although there is nothing more beautiful than air dried hairstyles with curls and no styling. The best part: no other hair style is so convenient! Moreover, curly long hair is the ideal base for updos, braids and buns, they hold better due to their structure.

Teased auburn hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles look as if they haven’t seen a brush for days and look unintentionally as a sexy beach look! Wavy hair is still a trend for coming 2014, important for the perfect beach look; the hair is barely styled. Naturally wavy hair needs nothing but air after washing, does not use a hair dryer or too many styling products. A little styling foam could do the job.

Long wavy curvy light ginger hairstyle

Curly hair can be anything but boring! Therefore, people who don’t have curls wish for it and vice versa. With braids before bed you can create some beached waved hair, with curler, flat irons you can make some beautiful curly hairstyles.

Long brown hairstyle with strawberry strands

You can wear your hair lose or with small hair accessories like flowers, hair bands or braids, chignons with long hairstyles with curls nothing can’t go wrong

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