The most sought after: Golden brown hairstyles & Hair highlights

Golden brown hairstyles with Blonde, auburn and golden highlights

Golden Brown Hair color ideas images below

Creating a beautiful golden brown hairstyle

Golden brown hairstyles & hair highlights  are is the most sought after color by people with all types of hair base colors. If you have brown hair then your golden brown highlights will typically be a lighter shade of brown hair color than the base color which then will create a beautiful golden brown hairstyle. You can select from golden, light auburn and even blonde highlights. The color of golden brown highlight that you select should be complimentary to your skin tone. For example if you have a warm skin tone then your colors should be in the golden and straw hues and for cool skin tones you should select from highlight colors that are in the ash and beige families.

Golden brown highlights for a more healthy and natural look

In general golden brown and any other hair highlights are usually added to a base color to create depth and dimension. They can also be used to create a more healthy and natural look to color treated hair. In order to get the best results you will need to select one or more highlight colors that will compliment your skin tone, your hair’s base color and that will also create the type of look that you are trying to achieve.

Lowlights to add depth to your
hair color

If your hair has already a more golden brown hair color some chocolate lowlights are also great. For blondes, some low lights can be used to add color and warmth to your base color. If you have brown hair then you can add auburn highlights to your hair to give it added dimension and interest.

Highlights in darker hair colors

While it is pretty simple to highlight hair if you are a blonde or a brunette,
highlighting darker locks are much more difficult. First, in order for the highlight color to be visible you will have to bleach the strands of hair which you intend to highlight. After your dark strands have been lightened considerably the next step is to treat the strand while using highlight color. People with dark hair can start using a variety of colors from violets and blues to auburns and dark blondes. The colors that you select will need being based on the sort of look that you are after. For example should you prefer a natural look then you will want to use darker shades of auburns and browns. However, should you prefer a more radical look then you definitely can use fuchsias, blues along with other bright colors.


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