Deep brown hairstyles

The possibilities with deep brown hairstyles and hair colors are endless and popular among many celebrities in all sorts of hairstyles, from short, medium to long, layered, curly and straight. But a great look does not only depend on the color and the style it also depends on how healthy your hair is. If you colored your hair it does need just some extra care. If you have or thinking dyeing your hair in a deep brown hair color you don’t need to worry because this color works well with all skin tones. In the pictures below we have different kind of haircuts and different kind of deep brown hairstyles with various skin tones.

Dark brown hairstyle with volume bob haircut

short curly dark brown hairstyle with auburn highlights

Curly chocolate brown hairstyle with two toned highlights

Short curly dark brown hairstyle

deep brown short haircut with golden highlights

Short straight dark brown haircut Asian woman

Women with brown hair can add a variety of highlights which range from auburn colors to the more golden highlight tones. Adding some highlights can give your color extra dimensions and can do wonders in your look. Coloring and highlights can be done at home, and with some help of a friend for your highlights. If you find it scary or dye your hair for the first time the help of a hairdresser comes in handy while most of the time a haircut after coloring will let your hair shine and gives it a healthy look.

Long hair is beautiful but not everybody is lucky enough to have beautiful thick long hair, a bob haircut is a good alternative, depending how it is cut. It does suit all face shapes and it really doesn’t matter if your hair is thick or thin, it’s the biggest invention in hairstyles ever.

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