Auburn layered hairstyles; a true miracle in hairstyling

Short layered hairstyles

The layered cut is not only a timeless classic, and easy to maintain, but also a true miracle in the world of hairstyling. If you want a color change and a cool layered cut , then read this article! With auburn layered hairstyles there are two different types: In a layer cut the hair is cut into different layers in lengths in a slanting position, leaving no space in between. So the layers blend and there will be a flow.

Deep auburn braided updo
Step cut as the name implies, hair is sported out in steps usually 2-3, leaving some spaces in between the steps. They do not blend so you can easily distinguish the layers, in a step haircut, the different lengths are noticeable.
Layered hairstyles

The shortest version of a layered haircut is the pixie cut from the 60’s which Mia Farrow popularized.

Since then the layered cut is an integral part of the hairstyles of the styling Queens.
Long messy light copper hairstyle

Celebrities, who still rely on the ultra-short layered cut today, are actresses Halle Berry, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Celebrity short layered hairstylesAn equally classic version of the stepped Hairstyle is the so called Shag. The shag is a layered cut, which is closely styled on the head and can be worn with a hair length from the ears to the shoulder. Famous shag hairstyles of medium length are the stars Winona Ryder and Jennifer Lawrence before her short haircut.

Ginger curly bob

More volume with a layered haircut

The longest variant of the layered cut are females such as Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson – there’s hardly a celebrity who does not rely on this hairstyle. The reason: A layered cut is the quickest way to bring volume to the hair!

Short auburn haircut

DIY Auburn Layered hairstyles, If you want to spice up your long hair with a trendy auburn layered hairstyle, you don’t necessary have to see the hairdresser, a layered cut and is easy to do at home, with some good
hair cutting shears and the perfect auburn red hair dye ! Household scissors or blunt scissors can damage your hair. If you have a good scissor, you just have to bend over your head, tie the hair into a ponytail at the end and just cut off the tip (about 5 cm).

Long light auburn curly hairstyle

Ending up with the wrong haircut

Even your hair is nice and evenly graded. If you would like to have a short layered haircut like a pixie, you should go to a hairdresser, because the risk is too great that you end up with a wrong haircut. Whether long have long, medium long or short pixie or a shag hairstyle, layered hairstyles give some extra dose of style.

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