The glamorous look of sleek straight hairstyles

Sleek Straight hairstyles are the perfect base for a variety of hairstyles, a trendy bob, a stylish pixie a long straight style a chin long medium straight or a pageboy cut! Straight hairstyles are beloved hairstyles worldwide, especially among Asian women. Celebrities who love their straight hairstyles are Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. For years the red carpet was dominated by elegant and the glamorous look of sleek straight hairstyles and you ask yourself: “How do they do it ” It is important that straight hair will get the care it needs, the selection of care products must be suitable for straight hair as well for straight hair worn lose as well as in making extravagant updos, have a look at the pictures of different red sleek straight hairstyles.

Light auburn pixie

Designers, models and celebrities love the straight hair, because nothing is more glamorous than an ultra-sleek hair and an evening gown. However, next to the red carpet a straight hair look is very popular because nothing features a face to better than straight shiny hair, even for those who do not have naturally straight hair. Thanks to special styling products and tools , it is now quite easy to get the sleek look in no time. The flat iron is not only an understanding in the world of curls but let straight hair shine after a treatment with the hair straighteners. Even with the right blow dry technique you create a straight hairstyle. With special shampoos and conditioners your lay the foundation for this hairstyle. Hair stylists have recognized the trend, and offer permanent hair straightening, which is like a perm with a chemical substance that alters the hair structure and promises smooth straight hair for several weeks. Smooth hair is a classic hairstyle and offer many opportunities.

Long brown copper hairstyle with bangs

From shoulder length to very long hair, straight hair can be worn in any length, straight hair is all-rounder whether classically elegant with a center parting, worn lose, with side parting or the trendy or with bangs, straight hair goes with any style ! A bob is perfectly for straight hair which can be worn both chin-length to shoulder as well as a long bob. Vogue’s Anna Wintour is already aware of this trend for years and made the straight bob her trademark. Also give you straight hair the chance to wear it with cute bangs falling loosely in the face which gives you a super casual look.

Keri Hilson with short sleek haircut and copper and blonde highlights

Sleek hair offer a variety of styling options, but at the same time also needs special care. Straight hair looks greasy very quickly, a daily hair care routine and a regular visit to a hairdresser are essential. While split ends are not that obvious in wavy or curly hair, straight hair reveals every little thing. Especially regular styling with a flat iron is a heavy attack for the hair because the styling tool will dry out the hair very easily and break the hair ends, so that split ends are inevitable.

Long straight hairstyle with bangs and chestnut highlights

With fluids, which particularly moisturize the hair ends, you will give your hair an extra portion of care, so your straight hair will shine in full and looks healthy. A Sleek fashionable Look today, and a frizzy look tomorrow, this hair style gives you a lot of styling opportunities.

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The glamorous look of sleek straight hairstyles

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